The RAMSİ system from TDI provides the latest advances in professional courier/transportation management software. All aspects of the operation of your company are addressed to maximize efficiency and productivity, while lowering costs and increasing profits.

The RAMSİ Order Entry screen is recognized as an industry standard for ease of operation and intuitive features. With a minimum of training, your personnel can be quickly and accurately entering customer orders. Customer addresses and delivery points are automatically stored for instant retrieval. You also have complete control over the range of features available to each Operator, as well as selective display of sensitive information.

TDI's state of the art Dispatch Control program offers you the most efficient technology available to dispatch, track, and manage your time-critical delivery tasks. With the optional XLink communications packages, your operation practically runs itself, allowing your dispatcher to concentrate on the number one task at hand: serving your customers.

RAMSİ offers a wide variety of tools to Customer Service personnel. At the touch of a key, you can display pricing, status, tracking, and Proof of Delivery information. When used with our Dispatch Control module, information is available to Customer Service in "real time", elimiating the need for distracting calls to your dispatchers. Your client won't have to wait to find out the status of their time critical deliveries.

RAMSİ offers a full range of reports and quick view screens to give you immediate detailed statistical analysis of all aspects of your operation. Database management programs provide a quick, easy method of updating and maintaining critical data files. Reports and inquiries can provide almost limitless breakdowns of operational data, allowing you to focus your energies where they are most needed.

The RAMSİ system provides you everything you need, from easy to use commission generation programs, up to a fully certified accounting package. Invoice generation is a snap, and you can have your invoices formatted to your company's specifications. Cash management, accounts payable, financial statement generation, and full general ledger are all included in the RAMSİ accounting modules.

TDI can optionally provide a complete package of EDI transaction processors, allowing you to transmit and receive job orders, invoices, and shipping information in an internationally accepted standard format. EDI can eliminate errors, and speed up the receipt of payments for your services.

Your clients can easily enter or track orders from any web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The optional Web product allows you to easily extend your services directly to your customers, right on their desktops! Not just a mail or message system, RAMSİ on the Web is completely interactive, and real time. Customers can access their stored databases with the same ease and accuracy that your Customer Service Reps do.

With our nearly 20 years in the industry, we at TDI know that one size does not always fit all, and we are available to custom tailor applications that meet any need you might have. We pride ourselves in the flexibility of our computer environment, and our ability to respond to specific data processing and transmission needs. If your customer requires it, we can provide it!